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Digital Photography Lighting

Digital Photography LightingDigital photography can be a great way to capture images of the world around you. Digital cameras are improving each day, giving even an amateur photographer a way to take amazing photos. However without proper lighting, the best camera will still create sub-par images. Making use of the best lighting techniques will help anyone create the best pictures they can.

Many bad photos can be made better though the use of digital manipulation software. However there are still some things that cannot be fixed. Blurred images, indistinguishable characteristics, and dark shadows can be avoided by getting your digital photography lighting right before you take the photo. Take time to think about the lighting condition you have and make the best use of them before you take a single picture.

Our photo experts here at Hampton Photo Arts in Bridgehampton have come up with some basic  tips to remember when dealing with digital photography lighting through out the day.

1. Sunrise and sunset.

During sunrise and sunset are some of the best times to take photos with your digital camera. The orange colors in the sky adds a hue that many cameras use better. The brightness of the varied colors can add sharpness to your photos, however photos may be underexposed because of the brightness. This is the best time to set your digital camera to manual mode and play with various exposures and shutter speeds. There is no perfect setting for sunrise and sunset, it is more a matter of playing with the lighting to see what you can create.

2. Noon

Photography at noon can be difficult because of harsh shadows and a lack of texture in the image. Using outside equipment to reduce or reflect light will help eliminate these problems. Clouds can be used to diffuse the direct sunlight, or use any white piece of fabric that you can hang overhead. Fill-in flash can also be used to highlight areas that have deep shadows across them.

3. Morning and evening

When the light is behind your subject it can create stunning plays with shadows, however the exposure can be hard to get right. A good trick is to disable your flash and use a longer shutter speed when light is dim still. Use the natural cross lighting to your advantage to enhance the colors around you. Move and adjust your stance, kneel or sit, to find the best angle that plays off of the lighting you have.

4. Night

Digital photographs at night can be amazing, or disappointing. The first thing you need to know for digital camera night time lighting is to avoid using your camera's flash. A standard flash in dark settings will overexpose close objects while underexposing distant ones. Instead take photos before it is completely dark out, while there is still some light in the sky. Use a slow shutter speed to get the most light available so that details and textures are not flattened by shadows.

Shooting digital photos is not only about having the most advanced digital camera. The lighting around you as you take photos can play an important part on how your digital photos look.  Be willing to experiment with your digital photography and lighting to take amazing photos.

Canvas Printing

Printing on canvas is incredibly versatile and a great way to create a ready-to-hang image or artwork. Every canvas that we print  is protected with a UV coated acrylic finish to guard the print from dust, moisture and fading. Do you want your canvas stretched on bars or non-stretched? Framed or unframed? Customize the work to make it truly your own.

Art of Photography

Art of PhotographyPhotography is an amazing art form. A photograph album is a catalogue of life's history as seen through the camera. People, animals, nature, holidays, celebrations and even disasters are captured instantly and recorded as part of history. It is through the powerful presentations of photography that we better understand the progression of time and life. Hampton Photo Arts has over twenty years of experience working with photographers as they seek to capture and preserve the history of families and communities.

When families get together, both children and adults love to look through photograph albums. They enjoy seeing the childhood photos of older family members and compare themselves to ancestors who lived a hundred or more years ago. Photos are among the most important treasures of every family. They should not be faded and dull. They contain the smiles, tears and emotions of generations. The staff members at Hampton Photo Arts display excellence in the art of photography reproduction. They work with the highest quality materials. They know how to create family memories that will be just as beautiful one hundred years from now as they are today.

Learning to Paint Watercolors

Watercolor is an easy, fun medium for creating art.  Color theory, composition and design can be explored freely with watercolor paint, paper, and brushes.  Several techniques may be used with watercolors for varying effects including painting wet on wet, wet on dry, layering washes, and more.

Watercolor paper comes in cold press, hot press, and rough.  Rough paper has the most texture, and its hills and valleys can result in interesting effects when paint is added.  Hot press is the smoothest and has the finest texture.  Cold press has a moderate amount of texture and is the paper most commonly chosen by watercolor artists.

Watercolor paper comes in several weights ranging from 90 lb. to 300 lb. based on the pounds per ream of paper.  Most artists prefer to use at least 140 lb. paper.  Papers vary somewhat between manufacturers, so sampling different papers is advisable.  Paper can be purchased in pads, in blocks or in large sheets.  The large sheets are usually the most economical and can be torn into whatever size is desired.

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