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Hamptons Artists
Casey Chalem Anderson

" Wave Burst" by Casey Chalem Anderson
" Wave Burst" by Casey Chalem Anderson
Casey Chalem Anderson is a Greenwich Village, New York City native who has been passionately creating oil paintings of the Hamptons landscape since she moved to Sag Harbor in 1990. From her earliest childhood, Casey has been immersed in the cultural and artistic world of New York City. In the mid 1950’s her parents moved the family to Greenwich Village to be a part of the bohemian life. As a child she was taken to poetry readings, gallery openings, dance recitals, avant-garde theater presentations and museums.

It was at the High School of Art and Design, N.Y.C. that Casey began to paint seriously. During this time she also studied figure drawing at the Art Students League. She received a B.A. in Art from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied with some of the Bay Area’s most prominent artists including Joan Brown and Elmer Bischoff.

Breahna Arnold

Sag Harbor artist, Breahna Arnold has been taking the Hamptons by storm. She combines style and functionality in most everything she crafts.  Her passions range from sketching, painting, mixed media collage, hand painting tee shirts, but what she most excels at is her jewelry that is 100 percent original and hand crafted.

Hampton Photo, Arts and FramingBreahna caught the art bug at an early age when, bored with ordinary playthings she made her own toys out of what ever she could get her hands on. She later attended Fashion  Institute of Technology where she studied fashion design. She has certificates in Jewelry Making and Wax Modeling from Studio Jewelers Ltd  where she honed her metal cutting and 3D formation chops. In 2005, as a newly single mother, the then 22 year old moved from the Manhattan back home to her mother’s. Her mother reminded by her daughter’s diligence and creativity suggested to her to start making jewelry. 5 years later Ms.Arnold’s talent has taken blossomed and continues to flourish nearly every day . Her influences stem mostly from daily life and enjoys making things traditionally with her own two hands. Causing everything she makes to resonate with eccentricity.

Andrea Cote

Bodysite Bodysight IV" by Andrea Cote
Bodysite Bodysight IV" by Andrea Cote
Andrea Cote is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and dancer living in Flanders, New York. She received her MFA in Sculpture from SUNY Purchase in the Spring of 2003. She has presented solo and collaborative installations and performances in Seattle, Miami, Philadelphia, and New York. Venues include The Rotunda Gallery, Henry Street Abrons Arts Center, Jack the Pelican Presents, and The Rochester Contemporary(New York), Art Center South Florida, The Dorsch Gallery, and -scopeMiami (Miami), The Moore Gallery and The Print Center (Philadelphia), and 911 Media Arts Center (Seattle). Her performances have been presented at The Philadelphia Fringe Festival, The Neuberger Museum, Chashama, -scope Art Fairs, , and The DUMBO Arts Festival. Andrea received a video residency in multimedia through the BCAT/ Rotunda Gallery program in 2005 and is currently a Fellow of the Career Development Program at the Center For Emerging Artists.

Anita Kusick

ImageBorn and raised on Long Island, Ms Kusick began drawing at a very young age. When high school ceramics became a passion, she entered the BFA program at NY School of Art & Design at Alfred. In 1976, art schools were an environment where postmodernism held sway.

Her affinity for realism led to hours spent in the print and photo studios where it was more “acceptable”. Upon graduation, experience with those disciplines gave entrée to the world of graphic design. At various Long Island agencies, she did computer design for clients like UNICEF, AOL, Martha Stewart Living, Computer Associates.

Recently settled in Sag Harbor, the light and life of the East End has brought Ms Kusick full circle with her fine art roots. While the computer is a fabulous tool, it’s far from a tactile interpretation of reality and a reflection of the human hand. She’s currently exploring oil painting for the first time, aided by instructors such as Casey Anderson, Ben Fenske, Tom Shelford, LIAFA and The Teaching Studios.

Grant Haffner
"Route 114" by Grant Haffner
"Route 114" by Grant Haffner
Grant Haffner sees every passing mile of country road as a potential painting, often pulling his 1986 Ford F150 onto the shoulder to record the more beautiful scenes with a Polaroid picture. Raised in East Hampton, Mr. Haffner is no stranger to the twisting roads and hidden scenic gems of the South Fork that now dominate his landscapes. But his everyday interaction with the area around him in no way lessens his enthusiasm for his subject: The more he learns about an area or the more he travels a road, the easier it is for him to track the subtle changes in landscape, the proliferation or dearth of vegetation, the difference between the light in spring or autumn.
L. Marie Jones
Photography by L.Marie Jones
Photography by L.Marie Jones
A native of Cleveland, Ohio Lisa Jones experienced here first encounter with the arts in 1971, as a third grader during a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art. The exhibit was Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. The series of canvases artistically presented Monet’s ability to capture a single subject in different light conditions. The play of light and the swirling colors intrigued Lisa and stirred her creative appetite toward photography.  

In 1979, at the age of 15, Lisa borrowed her father’s 35 mm Volghtlander camera to experiment with light, color and theme.  Known for its excellent lens design, its curvature of field delivered sharp and crisp photos.  As a novice photographer, her initial photos focused on the effect of light upon subjects and the variations found in black and white film.

Joe Chierchio Paints Figures From America’s Working Past

by Elizabeth Fasolino

Ferry by Joe Chierchio
"Ferry" by Joe Chierchio
Joe Chierchio was born in the shadow of the Brooklyn Navy Yard in December of 1940. The manufacture of ships for the Lend-Lease program to aid Britain and France in their war against the Axis went into high gear at the yard the following year. More than 70,000 workers kept production going 24 hours a day, building cruisers, destroyers, battleships, and aircraft carriers in dry dock and lowering them into the Hudson on enormous shipways. Mr. Chierchio’s father and five uncles worked in the yard and, after the war, in businesses around the docks.

Frank Sofo
My Beach Ride by Frank Sofo
My Beach Ride by Frank Sofo
I was classically trained in figure drawing and painting. I was also trained in design & Illustration. The figure is still a large part of my work. I find it a challenge to try and capture the beauty of the human form in all its complexities and moods.I work in a variety of mediums including oils watercolors & acrylic.I use a painterly approach with a strong use of color. I paint what I feel about what I see. I like my paintings to have a sense of movement to have a life of their own. I paint what moves me, the world around me. Since moving to the East End of long Island the world I paint are the beaches and local landscapes. My goal is to paint the ordinary and make it extraordinary.
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Canvas Printing

Printing on canvas is incredibly versatile and a great way to create a ready-to-hang image or artwork. Every canvas that we print  is protected with a UV coated acrylic finish to guard the print from dust, moisture and fading. Do you want your canvas stretched on bars or non-stretched? Framed or unframed? Customize the work to make it truly your own.

Art of Photography

Art of PhotographyPhotography is an amazing art form. A photograph album is a catalogue of life's history as seen through the camera. People, animals, nature, holidays, celebrations and even disasters are captured instantly and recorded as part of history. It is through the powerful presentations of photography that we better understand the progression of time and life. Hampton Photo Arts has over twenty years of experience working with photographers as they seek to capture and preserve the history of families and communities.

When families get together, both children and adults love to look through photograph albums. They enjoy seeing the childhood photos of older family members and compare themselves to ancestors who lived a hundred or more years ago. Photos are among the most important treasures of every family. They should not be faded and dull. They contain the smiles, tears and emotions of generations. The staff members at Hampton Photo Arts display excellence in the art of photography reproduction. They work with the highest quality materials. They know how to create family memories that will be just as beautiful one hundred years from now as they are today.

Learning to Paint Watercolors

Watercolor is an easy, fun medium for creating art.  Color theory, composition and design can be explored freely with watercolor paint, paper, and brushes.  Several techniques may be used with watercolors for varying effects including painting wet on wet, wet on dry, layering washes, and more.

Watercolor paper comes in cold press, hot press, and rough.  Rough paper has the most texture, and its hills and valleys can result in interesting effects when paint is added.  Hot press is the smoothest and has the finest texture.  Cold press has a moderate amount of texture and is the paper most commonly chosen by watercolor artists.

Watercolor paper comes in several weights ranging from 90 lb. to 300 lb. based on the pounds per ream of paper.  Most artists prefer to use at least 140 lb. paper.  Papers vary somewhat between manufacturers, so sampling different papers is advisable.  Paper can be purchased in pads, in blocks or in large sheets.  The large sheets are usually the most economical and can be torn into whatever size is desired.

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