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Turpenoid Natural Turpentine
Turpenoid Natural TurpentineThe Weber Company established in 1853 in Philadelphia offers the most complete and extensive line of artist's mediums available anywhere. As the manufacturer of the world famous Turpenoid Natural, Weber offers nothing but the finest quality available in its entire range of mediums by using modern technology that evolve from over 150 years of experience in art materials. Turpenoid Natural is an effective, non toxic, safe, brush cleaner and paint thinner formulated from the natural essence of citrus products and other natural sources. It is not only safe for the people who use it but it is also safe for their enviroment.
Turpenoid Odorless Turpentine
Turpenoid Odorless TurpentineTurpenoid Odorless turpentine. The world's favorite turpentine for over 50 years. The safest odorless mineral sprite available anywhere with a permitted exposure limit of 500 ppm over an 8 hour period. Almost twice as safe as the nearest competitor. Turpenoid has the same painting properties and drying time as turpentine but is free from the strong characteristic turpentine odor. Compatible with oil colors as a painting vehicle either alone or in mediums. Turpenoid is also excellent as a solvent or brush cleaner.
Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits

Gamsol Odorless Mineral SpiritsGamblin Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits thins oil colors and painting mediums and is used for brush and studio clean up. Gamsol is far safer for painters, their paintings, and the environment than turpentine and harsh mineral spirits. All Gamblin oil painting mediums are formulated with Gamsol.

Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner

One of the most economical odorless thinners we carry. It is a mild, colorless solvent designed for use with all types of oil paint, varnishes and enamels. It can be used for reducing artists’ tube paints, for brush cleaning and degreasing and as an accessory cleaner. Odorless paint thinner is especially welcomed by the chemical-sensitive artist or student and teachers in classroom situations.

Winsor & Newton Sansodor
Sansodor Low Odor SolventWinsor & Newton Sansodor is a low odor solvent that makes a viscous mixture, evaporates slowly, is the least hazardous, costs approximately the same as turpentine, does not deteriorate on storage and has minimal odour. This is well suited to artists who prefer to avoid exposure to turpentine.
English Distilled Turpentine
English Distilled Turpentine Winsor & Newton English Distilled Turpentine is a traditional solvent for thinning alkyd and oil colors, cleaning artists’ brushes, etc.
Liquitex Matte Medium
Liquitex Matte Medium Liquitex Matte Medium is a classic medium used to give fluidity to delicate brushwork or to act as a low sheen adhesive for collage. This medium has a creamy consistency and is great with opaque colors. Mix with Gloss Medium & Varnish to create a custom satin effect.
Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium

Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel MediumHeavy, gloss medium mixed with colors for 3-D manipulations; apply thin multiple layers for clear impastos and heavy glazes; dries slower than other mediums; can be used to lengthen working time; excellent all-purpose glue, especially for cementing large or heavy objects.

Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish
Liquitex Gloss Medium and VarnishSoft Body. All purpose medium, formulated to be mixed into all Liquitex acrylic paints and mediums. Mix into any acrylic paint to enhance the depth of color intensity, increase transparency, gloss, ease flow of paint and add flexibility and adhesion of paint film. Use as a non-removable varnish to protect painting and establish gloss sheen surface. Translucent when wet, transparent (clear) when dry. 100% acrylic polymer varnish. Water soluble when wet. Good chemical and water resistance. Dry to a non-tacky, hard, flexible surface that is resistant to retention of dirt. Resists discoloring (non-yellowing, non-fogging) due to humidity, heat and ultraviolet light. Depending upon substrate, allows moisture to pass through (breathable). Not for use over oil paint.
Conserv-Art Matt Varnish
Conserv-Art Matt Varnish Conserv-Art Matt Varnish
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Canvas Printing

Printing on canvas is incredibly versatile and a great way to create a ready-to-hang image or artwork. Every canvas that we print  is protected with a UV coated acrylic finish to guard the print from dust, moisture and fading. Do you want your canvas stretched on bars or non-stretched? Framed or unframed? Customize the work to make it truly your own.

Art Prints – How are they made?

Photography by Laurie Barone-Shafer
Nowadays just about anyone can take a good quality photographs with a digital camera. Or take a few hundred pictures and the chances are few will be good, and even one or two outstanding.

Here are a few tips, tricks and techniques on how to make art print poster ready photographs and print ready digital files. Don’t get overwhelmed, there is a lot of information here, but a lot of it is just intuitive. Well, a bit of patience will always help.

First thing – Photo Size

If you taking a digital photo of you family or friend the largest size you would print is usually 5 by 7 inches, maybe 8 by 10 at the most. Even small size digital photographs (2MB or less) are ‘good enough’ to create a decent print. But if you want to create prints that are 16 by 20, 20 by 24 inches or larger you need more pixels (in pixels 20 by 24 inches photo is actually about 40 times larger than 3 by 4 inches photo assuming they have the same resolution).

Learning to Paint Watercolors

Watercolor is an easy, fun medium for creating art.  Color theory, composition and design can be explored freely with watercolor paint, paper, and brushes.  Several techniques may be used with watercolors for varying effects including painting wet on wet, wet on dry, layering washes, and more.

Watercolor paper comes in cold press, hot press, and rough.  Rough paper has the most texture, and its hills and valleys can result in interesting effects when paint is added.  Hot press is the smoothest and has the finest texture.  Cold press has a moderate amount of texture and is the paper most commonly chosen by watercolor artists.

Watercolor paper comes in several weights ranging from 90 lb. to 300 lb. based on the pounds per ream of paper.  Most artists prefer to use at least 140 lb. paper.  Papers vary somewhat between manufacturers, so sampling different papers is advisable.  Paper can be purchased in pads, in blocks or in large sheets.  The large sheets are usually the most economical and can be torn into whatever size is desired.

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